About Us

Confindustria Est Europa, initially established as “Confindustria Balcani”,   was founded on October 2010 to offer to the Italian entrepreneurs, and especially to the companies inside the system Confindustria, a new and transnational vision on the Balkans.
Eastern European countries were considered for a long time as a singular and independent realities. On the contrary Confindustria Est Europa believes that there are many social, economic, cultural characteristics and values that make Balkans countries closely interdependent and connected. For this purpose, following the dynamics of the entrepreneurial groups in the Eastern Europe that starting from the past decade have known a huge expansion, Confindustria Est Europa propose itself as a collector of the needs of the Italian companies that look with interest to this geographic area.


Objectives of Confindustria Est Europa


    • To present to Italian companies a new global vision on internationalization in the Eastern Europe based on private associations, the direct participation of the companies, on the elaboration of the services realized to meet the need of the entrepreneurs interested in the  Eastern Europe area with an essential, efficient and operative style.


    • To show in Italy the opportunities present in the  Eastern Europe countries, a community formed by 11 emerging economies (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Poloni and Slovenia) projected towards the European integration and situated in a strategic area deeply connected economically and culturally with Turkey, Central Europe and Russia.


    • Underline the economic role that Italy can cover in this area in which our country plays a first floor role both in politics and in trade.


    • Strengthen the connection between companies that operate in the different countries of the area giving them support and know-how when the have to face nearby markets.


      • Produce specific documents that summarize the Balkan economy in an overall way, to be available to the entire Confindustria system.
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