Confindustria Est Europa

Confindustria Est Europa is the federation of the Italian business associations in the Est European area. It was founded on 13th of October 2010 to make the Italian economy in this area more consistent, integrated and more incisive.


The members of Confindustria Est Europa are:


Confindustria Albania


Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina


Confindustria Bulgaria


Confindustria Romania


Confindustria Serbia


Confindustria Bielorussia



The association merges more than 1.000 Italian companies that have decided to operate and develop their economic activities in the East European Region.


Currently, Confindustria Est Europa is engaged in a strengthening process of the association. In the same time, it is working to the enlargement of this area. So, over the next years Confindustria Est Europa should branch out to another two nations, Croatia and Montenegro, where the italian business is increasing.


Confindustria Est Europa offers specific and detail services for each national association in order to guarantee the best access to the East European Region.

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