Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the framework of the “Project Balkans” developed by Confindustria Bulgaria during the years 2008-2009, a series of meetings of the Italian business companies operating in the country have been held in Sarajevo. These meetings allow to identify a core of companies particularly active, which got self-organized rapidly to guarantee the creation of an autonomous entrepreneurial association. In December 2010, thanks to the expertise of Confindustria, the charisma and the efforts of the first President Salvatore D’Erasmo, Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina officially entered in the Confindustria system.


Today, Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina gathers 30 Italian companies.


In June 2011, Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina showed itself to the country during a great event that saw the participation of local authorities, of the Vice-President of Confindustria, Edoardo Garrone, and of the Vice-President to Foreign Trade Catia Polidori.


The association has its offices in Sarajevo, but it keeps close relation even with the entrepreneurs that operates in the Serb Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina with its Capital Banja Luka.


For more information, please contact Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina:



Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ulica Čekaluša 51, 71000 Sarajevo (Bosnia ed Erzegovina)

Tel.: +39.349.726.14.92


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