Confindustria Romania

Confindustria Romania was established in July 2003. Two years later, in July 2005, it has been recognized by the Romanian Government as a “patronage”, in accordance with the law 356/10.07.2001, and as such it takes part in negotiations with the Government and trade unions on crucial issues for the enterprise (labor code, social dialogue, labor costs, taxation, etc.), defending the interests of its members, Romanian companies with partial or total Italian capital.


As representative patronage, it can fully sit at the negotiating table with the Government, the trade unions and all the political and economic counterparts from Romania. The inspiration comes from the Italian system of Confindustria. Currently, Confindustria Romania has nearly 700 members employing more than 130.000 employees.


Over the years, Confindustria Romania has become the official representative of Italian businessmen who carry out activities in Romania. As a patronage, it supports and defends the interests of its members, in relation with public institutions, trade unions or any other entities, according to their mission, both nationally and internationally.


The Association, which has its national headquarters in Bucharest, also has operating subsidiaries in Timişoara, Cluj, Mureş and Oradea, each of them headed by its own Executive Board and a Chairman of Territorial, elected at local level in the administrative federalism logic.


The core value that inspires the action of the entrepreneurs’ association is the belief that free enterprise and the free exercise of economic activity, in the context of a market economy, are factors of development and progress for the whole society. Confindustria Romania aims to contribute, together with institutions and economic organizations, both social and cultural ones, to the economic growth and social progress of the country.



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Confindustria Romania


National Headquarters Bucharest

2-4 Gara Herăstrău Street, 7th floor
Sector 2 Bucharest
Tel. +40.(0).31.805.31.85
Fax. +40.(0).31.805.31.84


Web site:



Offices Bucharest

2-4 Gara Herăstrău Street, 7th floor
Sector 2 Bucharest
Tel. +40.(0).31.805.31.85
Fax. +40.(0).31.805.31.84
Offices Prahova

Industrial Park ETIP: Eco Tehnologic Industrial Park
Sat Arva 36 A, Valea Călugărească – Prahova
Tel. +40.(0).244.235.034
Fax. +40.(0).244.235.036
Delegation North Transylvania

29 Victor Babeş Street
Cluj-Napoca Cluj
Tel. +40.(0).264.590.067
Fax. +40.(0).264.596.666
Delegation North-East Area

78 Aurel Vlaicu Street
“Pavilion Administrativ” 1st floor, 700381 Iaşi
Tel. +40.(0).232.222.588
Fax. +40.(0).232.245.539

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