Since the ’90s, the Eastern European market has proved to be a place of great interest for the Italian companies and western European ones in general. For almost twenty years, Italian entrepreneurs, sometimes with a pioneering attitude, have developed their own activities in these new markets, overcoming bureaucratic and systemic difficulties due to the transitional years toward the market economy, contributing to social, economic, commercial and infrastructural growth of this reality.


Entrepreneurial fluxes between Italy and the Eastern Europe have been characterized, during that years, by an extreme and spontaneous dynamism, but often casual and unorganized. Especially, in many cases a systemic and integrated approach in the area was missing and many opportunities were not duly used.


Confindustria Est Europa has its origin in “The Balkans project”, launched by Confindustria Bulgaria to support its members to enter the neighbouring markets. This activity interwined with the long experience of Confindustria Romania and with the requests of the Italian entrepreneurial communities of the other countries of the area, allowing the creation of a strong and credible associative network that have given life to a Federation which operates in a transnational way, creating new opportunities for both companies already operating in the eastern area of Europe and for those coming from Italy, looking to get in these markets under a productive and trade profile.


Shown below are some FAQ about the Federation and its activities:



At the moment, Confindustria Est Europa is composed by Italian entrepreneurial associations active in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania. There is also an ongoing project to create entrepreneurial associations in Croatia and Montenegro. Confindustria Est Europa will then cover the entire area, giving an univocal voice to the companies operating there, offering support and services to those that wish to catch the opportunities of these dynamic economies.



No. Confindustria Est Europa is a Federation that gathers entrepreneurial associations, part of the Confindustria system. However, individual companies may contact us directly, in order to be guided in the world of services that, through the national associations, are offered in a standardized way to all those interested. For more information, please read the page dedicated to services.



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