Obiettivo Balcani

In order to show the purposes and instruments of Confindustria Balcani, but also the opportunities that the Balkan countries offer to the Italian entrepreneurs interested to invest in the area, the Federation has launched in 2011 the road show called “Obiettivo Balcani”. This is a cycle of events hosted by the territorial organizations of Confindustria and organized with the support of Unicredit, during which are shown the concrete experiences of the entrepreneurs that have invested in the Balkan area from a long time. The first step of the road show took place in Milan, on 18th of October 2011, to move then to other Italian cities.



Obiettivo Balcani Trento – 26 november 2014



Obiettivo Balcani Modena – 3 november 2014



Obiettivo Balcani Monza – 15 october 2014



Obiettivo Balcani Rome – 14 may 2013



Forum Agroindustria Balcani – Naples 19 april 2013



Obiettivo Balcani Florence – 15 march 2013



Obiettivo Balcani Turin – 28 september 2012



Obiettivo Balcani Ancona – 11 may 2012



Obiettivo Balcani Bari – 22 february 2012



Obiettivo Balcani Bologna – 25 january 2012



Obiettivo Balcani Treviso – 29 november 2011



Obiettivo Balcani Milan – 18 october 2011 – Programma


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