General Council


The General Council is composed by the Presidents or by the delegates of the associations that take part in Confindustria Est Europa and by up to three members directly appointed by the President of the Federation. The Council defines the strategies, the activities and the politics of the Federation.




The members of the General Council are:





Luca Serena – President of Confindustria Est Europa













Erich COSSUTTA – Vice President and Officer of membership development of Confindustria Est Europa

(President of Confindustria Serbia)












Bosnia and Herzegovina





Igor PAHOR – President of Confindustria Bosnia and Herzegovina















MARIA LUISA MERONI – President of Confindustria Bulgaria















NUNZIANTE CORAGGIO – Vice President of Confindustria Bulgaria












PLAMEN DILKOV – Vice President of Confindustria Bulgaria
























Giulio BERTOLA – Delegate for Relations with Confindustria – Delegate for External Relations of Confindustria Est Europa











Luca SERENA – Past President of Confindustria Romania












Claudio PUCCI – Treasurer of Confindustria Est Europa











Alessandro ROMEI– Vice President of Confindustria Romania













Giacomo BILLI– Councillor of Confindustria Romania












Francesco BIASIA- Councillor of Confindustria Romania


















Antonio SCHIRO – Councillor of Confindustria Serbia




















Sergio Fontana
– President of Confindustria Albania













Marco Marconi– President of Confindustria Macedonia














The Director of Confindustria Balcani is Rocco Ferri.













Tel.: +40.771.304.015





Network of Directos



In order to guarantee a high level of coordination between all the national associations, it is active the network of Directors composed by:




Irena BRAJOVIC  Director of Confindustria Serbia











Mila NENOVA- Director of Confindustria Bulgaria











Gerta BILALI – Director of Confindustria Albania















Marcello Serafini– Director of Confindustria Macedonia













The board of the auditors is formed by:

Roberto CORCIULO – IC & Partners
Antonella GIACHETTI – Studio Dami, Giachetti, Nacci
Alessandro MANZI – ABE srl
Massimigliano Troiani – Confindustria Albania
Roberto Corciulo – Confindustria Bulgaria
Luigi Vassallo  – Confindustria Romania


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