Confindustria Serbia

Since September 2011 in Belgrade is active Confindustria Serbia. The association born from the experience “Sistema” – Forum for the development of economic and social relations between Italy and Serbia – active in the country since July 2009. The mission is to promote, coordinate, and represent the Italian business community in Serbia and also to sustain the initiatives aim to encourage a better knowledge of the economic-commercial collaboration opportunities between the two countries. Today Confindustria Serbia gathers 150 companies and has offices in different cities of the country.


Confindustria Serbia configures itself as an operative structure to sustain its members, ready to inform abut business opportunities, underline chance of preferential treatment and partnership, sustain through its own network of accreditation the realization of projects and the achievement of business objectives.


For more information, please contact Confindustria Serbia:


Zmaja od Noćaja 12, 3 Floor, Apartment 6
11000 Belgrade
Telephone: +381 11 2627 982
+381 11 2624 194
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